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About DMA Europa

Effective B2B marketing strategies

Effective B2B marketing services will accelerate the progress of any business-to-business concern in achieving its goals and objectives. In order to make your marketing function as efficient and effective as possible, it is necessary to allocate budget in a way that maximises return on investment. Due to the huge number of marketing channels and options available, experience can count for a lot when deciding what to spend marketing time and money on. As an extremely experienced technical marketing company, DMA Europa can provide businesses of all sizes with the right advice on marketing strategy, the options that are available and where to allocate resource when investing in marketing..

Why outsource your marketing?

The myriad of B2B marketing services and strategies means that once you have developed a marketing plan, you then need a substantial marketing team to effectively address each channel. As a full service marketing agency, DMA Europa Group can provide your company with the required marketing services, working across multiple channels. DMA Europa Group was developed from its inception as a technical marketing company and PR business back in ’89 to become the cross platform, business-to-business and full-service marketing agency it is today.

A Passion for Technology...

Our stand-out feature as a B2B technical marketing company is that we share a passion for technology. That may be the latest platform game, the newest 3D render software or the latest gearbox or factory automation system. We work to develop Marketing Automation platforms and the technology of communication itself. We are fascinated by the technology we come across on a daily basis: from marketing plastic boxes to rocket science, distribution and MRO services there’s a wealth of knowledge and understanding here which stretches across all industry sectors and makes us more effective at what we do.

Choosing the right mix of B2B marketing service modules

With us, you can pick and choose between a huge range of B2B marketing services; from technical PR, to 3D photorealistic engineering drawing renders, 3D animation, advertising, PPC, SEO, video production, Apps, virtual seminars, virtual factory tours, exhibitions, direct mail, AR brochures, VR experiences, literature webinars and live events.

How to take a cross-platform marketing approach

Our common management team, combined with specialist departments, brands and teams means that we have every base covered, in every language. From global corporate re-brands to field based micro-campaigns, taking in the entire cross-platform marketing, full service approach. Whenever we originate content for a press release or blog post we are always looking at the keyword strategy and the suitability of that content for everything from direct email campaigns to twitter and LinkedIn.

List of Top UK and Global B2B marketing agencies

There is a relatively short list of top UK, European and Global B2B marketing agencies; and for good reason, in order to fill the top spot each agency must offer:

  1. A deep technical understanding of engineered, mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and process products, the route to market and how to engage a technology or engineering based target audience.
  2. A large number of technical writers who have experience in every facet of technical marketing subject matter, from electrical engineering, to electronics, mechanical engineering, software development, automation, machine tools, automotive manufacturing, processing, logistics, networking and much more.
  3. In order to satisfy a global market, the top marketing agency in the UK, or indeed anywhere else in the world must have an expert in-house technical translation service for any language and any subject, encompassing over 300 translators.
  4. Management and account administrative teams must be multilingual, covering at the very least English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and Italian.
  5. The facility to take CAD files and product designs in 3D format from any platform and create photorealistic, images, renders and infographics.
  6. Operate a film studio with green screen and sound stage in order to cater for interviews, presentations and a host of multi-media production services in order to deliver truly engaging visual content for internet and social media based multi-platform marketing campaigns.

In our opinion the DMA Europa Group takes the number #1 spot as the only dedicated technical marketing company capable of offering all this knowledge in addition to providing all these offline and online marketing services.