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MaintainIT.TV is the forefront of visual media production services for industry. From video editing for YouTube to full documentary films, MaintainIT.TV offers script writers, directors, presenters and the expertise to make it happen.

Location filming coupled with an in-house studio and editing suite guarantees the end result will be as polished as it is informative. Prior experience with industries such as automotive, automation, aerospace, food and beverage, mining and medical helps visual media quickly realise its potential.

A large dedicated studio space offers the client multiple environments with which to create their content. Combining full HD capability and editing suite, films are produced incorporating the benefits of cutting edge technology. Green screen and live effects bring a modern twist to material, or conversely, more traditional interview and presentation stages can be created. Presenters and directors can offer training for those unused to the camera, or present the material themselves in a highly professional manner. Even live events and conferences can be covered and streamed in real time.

Cameras, sound, lights, post production, streaming to the internet, video hosting, uploading and marketing support are all available to requirement. Streaming is optimised for mobile or HD devices; dedicated video hosting also reduces distraction from adverts or slow buffering for the viewer.

MaintainIT.TV turns to the challenge of onsite filming by building on experience. From rally stages to cleanrooms and industrial sites, MaintainIT.TV will have usually filmed at a similar location. Site knowledge brings correct lighting and sound together with good health and safety practice.

At MaintainIT.TV, ease of availability and quality production is enabled through technological solutions. If a good picture is worth a thousand words, the valuation of a well-produced film must be tenfold.

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