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Virtual Exhibitions and Reality for Global Business

V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions represent the future of product advertising and educational materials. Through the creation of interconnected 3D environments, V-Ex provides a pioneering platform for the industry to showcase the best it has to offer.

From virtual exhibition stands that never shut, to technically accurate representations of industrial sites – V-Ex offers clients and users a virtual tour of products in their real world applications.

A V-Ex venue is built using a blend of 3D rendering, photography and HD video – allowing the creation of photorealistic representations of existing sites and stands or entirely bespoke models. In-house 3D designers can create almost any model depending on client specifications, allowing a fully integrated multi-media platform for advertising and informing the industry in the 21st century. Tours around these custom environments are enabled through smooth animation allowing the user to experience all aspects of the model without leaving a desk. The V-Ex platform aims to bridge the gap between shows; bringing 24/7 access to accurate technical industrial information.

Exhibitors benefit from the V-Ex platform through the Content Management System and the Live Statistics package. Content can be added to Hot Spots through a simple interface, while Live Statistics is tailored towards producing sales leads and comprehensive analytical information regarding visitors and their preferences.

V-Ex offers a unique service to education and the industry – evolving existing content into a platform that satisfies all users. In industries that rely on the very latest technology and methods, V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions ensures promotion and education keeps pace.

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