DMA Europa

Alex Byles

Technical Writer DMA Europa Group

For nearly eight years I managed marketing communications for a global automation manufacturer. As a result, I’ve been involved with a wide range of applications and market sectors within industry around the world, from renewable energy technology to machine design. I started my career as a business news reporter in 2002, going on to edit a magazine. Following that, for more than three years I managed marketing at an IT software & services provider, establishing ideal experience for communications within the automation sector.
As a technical writer for DMA Europa, the key aspect is identifying the attributes which make the service or product integral to a beneficial outcome. Industrial technology is vital to provide a more efficient, productive and sustainable world, and my aim in communications is to reflect these advances as far as possible.
Alongside my work with DMA Europa’s clients, I’m a freelance journalist and marketeer. My work covers industrial, automotive, transport and social sectors.