DMA Europa
September 19th, 2018
Industry UK’s projections for 2019 shows a global network of registered visitors. Early trends in visitor registrations for Industry UK shows that visitors across Europe and the rest of the world will be making their way ‘through the doors’ on the 8th January. The interactive platform will break down geographical boundaries, making it easier than […]
April 3rd, 2018
  The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is all about limiting the use of personal data. This is all underpinned by a general theme that personal data is just that: “personal”. Therefore, we are all warranted certain protection and rights over its use as it belongs to us. Openness and transparency are key principles […]
April 3rd, 2018
    To understand the basics of the GDPR, view part 1. With the scary prospect of the GDPR’s increased fines, it’s driving some companies to delete their entire database of personal data. But while the fines can be a bit terrifying, the changes in the GDPR do not call for such drastic measures. If […]
April 3rd, 2018
  Law. It impacts every part of our lives. This includes a business’ life. However, law is not famed for being interesting or easy to understand and rules and regulations can be quite dry. In fact, this new regulation is 88 pages of dry. Considering that marketing, in particular direct marketing and email campaigns, relies […]
January 11th, 2018
I often get asked, what is it like to be a technical writer? My mind sifts back through all the interviews; the site visits; the hours staring at my screen hoping for a spark of inspiration; the brochures and support materials; the endless amount of sentences I’ve read back and thought, err no, let’s try […]
September 12th, 2017
  Goodwood Revival 2017 saw the launch of TVR’s new 200mph+ supercar, the Griffith. It was a fantastic event that DMA Europa Group was lucky enough to attend. But it wasn’t all just fast cars and retro outfits, we were there to add value to the opportunity Optimas had in being one of TVR’s featured […]
August 31st, 2017
Using a blog to market your business
Many B2B blogs start with great intentions behind them, but fail to succeed because they are not seen as a long-term commitment. Instant feedback is rare, yet we crave a response for our efforts and a lack of it may feel demotivating. This can often result in marketers giving up on their blog before it […]
August 31st, 2017
DMA Europa Group Amy Woodward Accounts Adminsitrator world map Image
Working internationally is a wonderful thing; whether it’s selling into a foreign market, teaming up with colleagues from a different country or working a trade fair abroad – most businesses are somehow involved with other cultures. Here, DMA Europa look at the importance of cultural awareness in marketing. What is cultural awareness? Cultural awareness means […]
August 30th, 2017
Sometimes things go wrong. Humans can make mistakes, machines can break down and plans can fail. However, managing a PR crisis is not just about understanding what went wrong in the first place but about how we act when it does. Here, DMA Europa Group examines some of the most famous crisis PR examples, looking […]
August 8th, 2017
The list of top B2B marketing agencies in the UK, European and Global markets is relatively short.  In such a competitive industry, it is becoming even harder to fill the top spot. Here, DMA Europa Group looks at the services a company must offer in order to become one of the most successful global digital marketing […]