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Social Media Service Expanded By DMAEuropa

Social Media channels Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube can play a vital role in any successful promotional campaign. Not only will it engage your audience with your message, but Google sees much of the activity too; and that is absolutely essential in order to be successful in the related field of SEO.

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In recent years, B2B social media involved just posting content, white paper, LinkedIn advertisements, and so forth. With these platforms evolving B2B content has changed significantly in 2017 we’ve see more and more B2B companies taking steps to infiltrate the ‘real world’ with highly engaging and interactive content. Which in turn will put a greater emphasis on content such as video blogging, and live-streaming events such as product demos, Q&A sessions, and webinars.

Service modules offered by DMA Europa Group

The dramatic surge in popularity of these channels has made them essential in transmitting important information quickly; integrating a message across platforms and improving brand awareness. Since the rise of social media, DMA Europa Group has monitored the usage of the different channels and, where appropriate, utilised them for promotional purposes – providing stand-out social media content to the benefit of our clients. We now offer a two stage service, find out more here

Our stage #1 Foundation Module
Takes care of all the basics; ensuring that you have a presence on each channel that is relevant to your business and that all content is appropriate and managed. Our team will produce regular content based on approved materials from your PR & Content management module and coordinate your approach. We ensure each channel is professionally presented and the content is engaging and relevant to your target audience.

  • Create your social media pages (or give them a full makeover, in line with your company specific message and branding).
  • Create key word specific posts against chosen social media channels twice a week incorporating marketing messages & relevant keywords (#hashtags) to gain additional new exposure and drive traffic to your website
  • Ensure PR’s are shared across chosen social media channels
  • Connect with your businesses preferred media list
  • Share some industry specific content
  • Utilise any whitepaper / company literature sent by the business
  • Utilise all company videos or imagery sent by the business
  • Create backlinks to your company website wherever possible
  • We work to curate and create trending/viral content that demands attention. With every shared post your business is exposed to a whole new audience.
  • We provide open access to all insights and analytics giving you complete transparency over the performance of all your social media account.
  • Build your social media channels with your own database (all you need to do is provide it for us)


Stage #2 – Advanced Module

Your business will be entitled to everything in the Foundation Package, plus these advanced options:

  • Provide a monthly content strategy calendar designed to boost social engagement for your business
  • Create key word specific posts against chosen social media channels four times a week incorporating marketing messages & relevant keywords (#hashtags) to gain additional new exposure and drive traffic to your website
  • Match your brand identity with professional graphic design that makes your pages look great on all social media platformsand on all devices, four graphics per month.
  • Monitoring Social Media presence and referring relevant comments or issues to you for consideration/action as required
  • Create important and useful how-to content for your industry audience
  • Identification of strategic opportunities for consideration (e.g. sharing partner content, Social Media promotions, milestone events, public holidays etc.)
  • Social Media Competitor Analysis
  • Facebook newsletter signup form (Sales Force)
  • Share your email campaigns across your social media channels
  • Email/telephone notification of any important feedback or enquiries


Still not convinced on why you need social media for your business? Here are five short sharp reasons.

  1. SEO Optimisation – Improve website search engine rankings and increase traffic.
  2. Lead Creation – Connect with other businesses and engage with existing and potential clients.
  3. Connections With Employees – Creates a community spirit, keeping employees happy but also looks good for outsiders looking in.
  4. Peer Pressure – Social media has been around for more than a decade, why would you be left behind?
  5. Education – If you are leaders in your field you have a lot of information and experience others won’t, utilise social media to expose millions of people to your expertise.
Published June 7, 2017