DMA Europa

Carolin Heel

Account Manager DMA Europa Group

Ever since I taught myself to read when I was almost five years old, I’ve been inquisitive about anything and everything that sparks my interest. What started with looking up facts about countries and animals, later turned into teaching myself languages and mathematics. Working at DMA Europa fuels that curiosity by giving me the opportunity to continuously expand my knowledge about marketing as well as the various interesting technologies of DMA and our clients. Before joining the company, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Management where I met and learned from a variety of people from all over the world. While I was born and raised in Germany, I have also lived in the US and Uruguay and now the UK – apparently my go-to is putting “U” first (pun intended). Apart from that I’m a creative nature and a problem solver which is why I enjoy art and DIY projects, optimizing cookie recipes and the occasional brainteaser.

Account Manager: