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A lightweight tipper is crucial for profitability, but this must never be prioritised above safety. To safeguard against failure and protect operators from liability in the event of an accident, tippers should offer a safety factor of 50%.
Posted on Wednesday December 16, 2020
JOST has released a new, easy to assemble plug & play tyre inflation system with fast installation and maintenance to reduce costs for truck operators. Compatible with all common trailers and JOST DCA axles, the system can be quickly fitted and is fast and easy to use.
Posted on Wednesday November 25, 2020

PR & Marketing services supplied to JOST

Originally working for Edbro, a Bolton based manufacturer of hydraulic tipping cylinders for commercial vehicles, DMA Europa Group began working with the JOST Group when it acquired Edbro in 2012. We now provide a regular PR service for JOST UK, covering each of the company’s brands and working closely with the sales team to promote their success. We also provide IT and Web support through the popular Edbro Technical Centre as well as media and advertising management helping to make sure that JOST remains a leading name in its industry.

The DMA Europa Group provides JOST with the following services:

  • PR Service and media management, including origination
  • Video services
  • Onsite photography
  • 3D modelling & rendering of product images
  • Advertising scheduling, booking and copy supply
  • Website content management and maintenance
  • Website creation
  • Account management

About JOST

JOST World founded in 1952 has achieved a leading position worldwide in the manufacturing of components for commercial vehicles. Under the umbrella brand of JOST the comprehensive product range is broken down into four brands: JOST, ROCKINGER, TRIDEC and EDBRO. The company is located on all continents, with distribution, production and development. JOST World is the global choice for the commercial vehicle industry, with over 2,000 staff worldwide.

JOST: The JOST brand includes fifth wheel couplings, telescopic landing legs, ball bearing turntables, king pins, container locks and components for Intermodal systems.

ROCKINGER: The ROCKINGER brand produces towing hitches , drawbar eyes and towing drawbars for both trucks and trailers, as well as for use in the agricultural industry.

TRIDEC: The TRIDEC brand is well known around the world for its Mechanical and Hydraulic steering systems and Pneumatic and Hydraulic suspension. Providing increased efficiency to the transport industry.

EDBRO: The EDBRO brand has been the leading manufacturer of lightweight, reliable tipping gear for over 90 years. It’s products offer improved payloads and faster tipping speeds while a range of accessories are available to improve industry safety.

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