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One of the most common problems that occur when tightening fasteners is ‘galling’.
Posted on Friday August 31, 2018
Semiconductors are used in all sorts of electronic devices and as such, global sales continue to grow.
Posted on Wednesday August 22, 2018


PR & Marketing services supplied to Optimas Solutions

DMA Europa Group supports Optimas Solutions as a marketing partner with a variety of services. We started working with the company towards the end of 2016. Starting as a marketing partner for EMEA, DMA’s technical expertise and global marketing knowledge quickly lead to them providing solutions across North America and Asia. Solutions provided to Optimas include traditional PR and advertising through to digital marketing and website content support. DMA Europa Group collaborates closely with the marketing management team and engineering experts, which allows us to provide informed and strategic multi channelled marketing services and be trusted as part of their team.

The DMA Europa Group provides Optimas Solutions with the following services:

  • PR service and media management, including origination
  • Social media management, strategy and content development
  • Web content management and writing, plus SEO
  • Video services
  • Translation services
  • Direct Mail services
  • Onsite and studio photography
  • Creative artwork
  • Advertising scheduling and booking
  • Account management

About Optimas Solutions

Optimas is a global distributor of fasteners and c-class products. Optimas at its core is a provider of integrated supply chain solutions and engineering support focused on delivering highly engineered fasteners to world-class customers around the world. Optimas has a diverse, global team of approximately 1,600 individuals, over 60 distribution centres, 9 quality labs and 2 manufacturing locations to support the complexities of our customers’ industries, enabling them to achieve their goals and be successful.

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