DMA Europa

David Pemberton

Financial Controller DMA Europa Group

I like numbers, and I enjoy applying them even more. My studies involved maths, economics and accounts at A-Level plus an Accounting degree from Aberystwyth University – which has helped perpetuate my interest. I run the accounts for the DMA Europa Group, where I can let my attention to detail shine through. I even maintain an interest in the practicalities of the subject outside of work, where I like to keep my spread sheet skills honed. Before joining the Group, I worked for a luxury jewellery company, so I had great opportunity to develop my craft. Fundamentally, numbers represent the bottom line for functioning of our world and success in business, so the responsibility of managing them always gives me a buzz. When I’m not solving all things numerical, I practise karate and try to find opportunities to indulge my passion for cars, which is where my Toyota Celica comes in handy.