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How DMA Europa supported Optimas at the TVR Goodwood Revival car launch


Goodwood Revival 2017 saw the launch of TVR’s new 200mph+ supercar, the Griffith. It was a fantastic event that DMA Europa Group was lucky enough to attend. But it wasn’t all just fast cars and retro outfits, we were there to add value to the opportunity Optimas had in being one of TVR’s featured supply partners.

Such an exciting opportunity doesn’t happen every day, so we were pleased to be able to offer our expertise to ensure that Optimas benefitted from the publicity. The aim was clear; the spotlight was already on the unveiling of the car, so we just had to make sure Optimas was in that spotlight. In particular, we were keen to maximise our social media service to get the message out while the event was still live.

8:30am – The race is on!
The unveiling of the new car took place early on the first day of the show. With an on-site crew at the event, we were ready to take a few snaps of the revealing to post on Optimas’ social media while you could still hear the buzz of excitement over the roar of the engine.

10:00am – An exclusive interview with an exclusive brand leader
Keen to make the most of the opportunity to be at the event on behalf of Optimas, we went the extra mile to grab something a little extra special. We were able to secure an exclusive interview with TVR boss, Les Edgar, where he praised the client’s capabilities, adding a valuable statement to an already glowing social media campaign. With DMA’s on-site video editors, we were quickly able to clean up the video and get it out onto social media straight away.

1:00pm – Lunchtime Reading
Being prepared in advance meant that we were ready to distribute a press release about Optimas’ partnership with TVR during the launch. Once we had some pictures of the event we added some newly announced details about the car and we were ready to send the big announcement to magazine editors. On top of this, we were able to draw some of the attention surrounding the event to the Optimas website by posting the news story to the company website. Web traffic is important to any marketing campaign.

Podium Finish
On a day with so many positive announcements, the on-site DMA team coordinated with office staff to secure Optimas a real advantage and ensure that no opportunity was missed. The result was Optimas featuring above other prominent suppliers for relevant Google searches surrounding the event.

Published September 12, 2017