DMA Europa

Elizabeth Patrick

Account Manager DMA Europa Group

I have been working within the DMA Group for a number of years now, originally as an account administrator and now as a PR manager for some of our largest clients. I have found the experience a constant learning curve, I am consistently learning new skills as technology and media platforms evolve. I also manage the clippings service for the group, providing our clients with the tangible results that define a successful PR campaign. Working in these roles in tandem has greatly enriched my knowledge of our clients and their products, a knowledge which I love to apply to improve the success of our work and clients. I am originally from Colombia, but I have been living in the UK since 2001. Experience of different cultures gives me a special insight into how to achieve PR success in different countries, where my language skills in Spanish and German enable me to help our client’s campaigns engage with industries across the world.

Account Executive: