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photo realistic 3D render image of a motor and pump set

3D Content

Service module offered by V-Ex

The world of computers and mobile devices is becoming more interactive, this is happening at an exponential pace, which is why DMA Europa Group employs a range of 3D graphic artists, animators and programmers to compliment our more traditional videographers, designers and engineers.

This combination of 3D design and creativity with expert level IT skills allows us to create everything from a product launch image to an animated 3D movie for use in advertising and promotional, sales support roles. We even create complete 3D interactive environments that can be accessed online, or literally come into being from the pages of a brochure using a smart phone or tablet.

If you are looking for promotion pictures with breathtaking colour, lighting, dynamism and detail, a product movie or super useful apps that offer product interactivity and visuals on the move we will have a solution for you. Be brave, imagine what you can do with virtual reality and ask us about how to bring it to life…