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Display Advertising

A smart display advertising campaign allows you to reach your target audience with a direct message and a clear call to action which can generate qualified sales leads. It also acts as a support service to your PR campaign, allowing you to generate leverage and gain favour with your target publications.

DMA’s expert knowledge of the trade media allows us to plan advertising schedules and make bookings at extremely competitive rates. We will negotiate on your behalf and communicate with publishers and editors to make sure that your adverts appear in the most favourable positions comparative to relevant features throughout the year.

Online / Interactive adverts

Much of the advertising material we produce today has an interactive, or active online component to it. This ranges from producing paper advertising artwork that can be animated when it is included in the online versions of a publication, right through to ‘walk on’ online only web adverts where a person can literally stroll onto your web browser and tell you about something important (We film these in our in-house film studio).

Adverts designed for mobile devices, bill-boards or even virtual tours, DMA Europa can show you what is possible and recommend what will work for you.

Advertising Schedule creation, booking and copy supply service

We offer a comprehensive service; from the selection of media to best suit your intended advertising campaign, to the creation of powerful effective creative graphics, advertising schedule booking and copy supply.

Effective advertising schedules are a mix of experience, intuition and hard work, all of which we can help apply to your B2B advertising needs, whether that be traditional magazines, online publishers, e-zines, or the web in general.

Management and scheduling of targeted advertising campaigns via Google AdWords

Google AdWords will be used to maximise the reach of the communications and complement all other channels used. By targeting key searches it can be assured that the attention of the target audience will be drawn to the client’s service offering to the market.

A well designed Google AdWords campaign can be the fastest way to test keywords and secure impressions and clicks. Moreover, the adverts are also visible on other websites that display adverts to their users – casting the net beyond the Google search page.

The DMA Europa Group understands Google and knows how to utilise this knowledge for the benefit of our clients to enable them to succeed.