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Brand Development

There is a lot of consideration given to brand development within the marketing sector and there is no doubt that brand equity is very important. In the FMCG world, the brand is as valuable, or in some cases far more valuable than the product itself, the factory that makes it, the company or the people that work there. Take a look at the published annual accounts for any large household name brand owning multinational and you will see the brand equity there in real cash value.

For B2B companies, brand is often a little less crucial, people can matter more, as can track record, engineering integrity or experience. All these other attributes that a product or company can have are however also associated with the company’s brand, or brands.

Good custodianship of your brand does add value to the company, however large or small, but the value this brings is often commensurate with the size of the company. So investment in your brand should be proportionate to the value you realise from it, and this can sometimes only really materialise when you sell a company – or indeed a brand.

Taking care of your brand from a graphical point of view is important and regardless of what you have been told, incremental changes are almost always more beneficial than a complete change simply due to the fact that if you do not retain brand recognition, then you lose value.

DMA Europa Group assists in the management of many brands from a strategy point of view, from a graphical point of view and also from a practical sense of producing materials that display the brand and policing the use of the brand in a wider context by geographically separate offices, subsidiaries or distributors.

We have five full-time graphic artists, including 3D photo realistic render experts, animators and a Production Manager, Dave Rock.

Please feel free to call us for any advice or brand management services.