DMA Europa


Content Generation and Public Relations

Service module offered by DMA Europa Group

Content generation

You have to have a message established in words and pictures in order to undertake any promotional activity and the team at DMA Europa, part of the DMA Europa Group, includes skilled and dedicated PR account managers, technical writers and translators ready to do exactly that.

We will make sure we understand your products, your services, your business and your customers, then add this knowledge to our own extensive market knowledge in order to originate the right words to carry your message. Words for the sake of words will not offer you any benefit and will turn off editors from reading your material. We make sure that all content is engaging, accurate and targeted towards the audience we are approaching.

Public Relations and Media Support

The team at DMA Europa includes skilled and dedicated PR account managers, technical writers and translators.

DMA Europa has 25 years of experience in technical B2B PR and has built a comprehensive live database containing over 10,000 magazine and news website listings covering virtually every sector and region. This information is updated daily by our own international team of over 30 PR professionals and is a driving force behind our media campaigns, allowing us to interact with journalists, editors and automated news feeds across the globe.

As part of the service for every PR account we identify the target industries and develop specific customer ‘favourites’ mailing lists. Once we have identified the target publications we distribute the press material with our DENIS (DMA Electronic News Information System) system. This is a news distribution email format that was developed based on the needs of our media partners to ensure maximum effectiveness in our PR communications.

We also work closely with editors and journalists that we have built relationships with over the years to deliver exclusive features. These are individually written for selected publications and guarantee a targeted communication with a chosen audience.