DMA Europa


CRM Service

Service module offered by DMA Europa Group

Make your contacts work for you with quality CRM and reporting.

The biggest challenge many businesses face is figuring out how to make use of the many email addresses and contact details that are collected over the years. Without a well-planned CRM strategy it’s easy for these contacts to be allowed to lie dormant until they become redundant.

CRM lets you keep track of your contact history with every single record on your database, from your biggest customer to someone who made a brief enquiry three years ago. If you are able to ascertain which contacts have the greatest interest in your products and services you can help to target your sales force and make their time more efficient.

Used in partnership with our email service you can track the response from the entire list and identify which contacts are interested in specific messages.

The DMA Europa Group manages and messages over 100,000 contact records every month, keeping both internal and external contacts up-to-date with informative, engaging content, most of which we generate within the business. The contact and engagement reporting provides a steady stream of hot sales leads and business information for sales and management teams to use in order to provide a better service to their respective customers.

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