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Direct Email Campaigns

Service module offered by DMA Europa Group

A push marketing strategy to stimulate interest, both from your existing customers and the wider market place

Direct communication is the best way of making sure that your message is heard by the right people. Email campaigns allow you to direct this personalised message to many time more contacts than your sales team could ever reach alone. Done right, this will mean you have far larger network of customers clued into your latest developments. Done wrong, your emails will be marked as spam and will never be opened.

A smart email campaign should treat the recipient with respect. Material should be sent regularly, but not too frequently. It should also be filled with informative and well written information rather than pure sales content. Finally, it should link to additional information should it be required and offer a clear ‘call to action’ to help any readers who want to learn more.

DMA Europa will work with you to generate content, build aesthetic and effective emails and then distribute them to your contact list. After each email we will generate a report telling you who has opened the email and whether they followed through to any links. This information can then be passed onto your sales team, generating qualified leads for them to follow up.

Of course it never hurts to widen your field, and DMA Europa can help you expand your contact list with high-quality data from leading industrial databases.

To really get the most of this service it’s advised to also take advantage of our CRM module.

You can also find out about GDPR and what we are doing to comply with the new regulations here.