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Interactive Sales Tools

Service module offered by V-Ex

A sales tool won’t work if it is not useful; if however it is easy to use, intuitive, easy to navigate and visually pleasing too, then you are starting to reach the point when an interactive sales tool can really pay-off.

As life gets busier, we as consumers and in our professional life expect high levels of convenience and we tend to use interactive tools that are quick and effective – if you have a mobile or tablet device you already use an interactive sales tool, so the leap to creating one of your own isn’t as large as you may think.

Having the facility to code and program in a range of the latest software platforms, a 3D design and animation department, as well as a web and creative team means we can offer truly effective interactive sales tools, from calculators and product specification apps to full virtual environments. Your interactive sales tool might be a game, a converter a virtual place you can explore from ships and cars to factories and power plants.