DMA Europa


PR & Marketing Management

Managed service offered by DMA Europa Group

Successful marketing, no matter what the channel, be it traditional technical content generation and PR services, or social media engagement campaigns, always has to have good quality efficient management at it’s core.

The DMA Europa Group maintains a team of around 30 people that includes  Marketing Account Directors, Managers and Administrators, plus, Project Managers and Production Managers in order to make sure the work we plan is completed to a carefully managed schedule of activities and deliverables.

We will make sure we understand your products, your services, your business and your customers, then add this knowledge to our own extensive market knowledge in order to help advise and develop the right strategy for what you want to achieve with your marketing services. We’ll then manage the process right through origination, approval and delivery. We can also supply a wide range of Marketing Metrics to measure the success of your campaign and calculate ROI.

We have been doing this since 1989 and have employed and trained new people every year since then. In addition to having very high staff retention, our team works extremely well together and with experience comes quality and efficiency – two things it is essential to have in your marketing agency.

Multi-language Teams

The staff at DMA Europa Group includes several bi-lingual management teams, we have a strong native German speaking management team, plus we cover Spanish, French, Chinese and Welsh in-house.

Our extended media management team that includes over 100 dedicated translators and interpreters is managed directly by the team at Midland Technical Translations MTT. MTT is a group company and works from our head office to deliver a truly global B2B Public Relations service for engineering, manufacturing, software, distribution and logistics companies.

As part of the service for every PR account we distribute press material in virtually any language via our DENIS (DMA Electronic News Information System) system. This is a news distribution email format that was developed based on the needs of our media partners to ensure maximum effectiveness in our PR communications.

We also work closely with editors and journalists in every continent and have built relationships with them over the years that helps us place exclusive features in virtually and B2B news title, both in paper and online.