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Embrace multi-media websites with fresh and engaging videos which educate viewers about your products and services

In 2014 there were more searches carried out on YouTube than there were on Google, this highlights the importance of good quality, well optimised videos in a company’s marketing strategy.

Movies support your marketing campaign by visualising your corporate message and allowing your customers to see your products and services in action.

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Video Production

Whether you need a short product promo video filmed in front of a green screen; an on-location case study video in a busy industrial environment; or a corporate video for use in the boardroom; MaintainIT.TV, part of the DMA Europa Group, has the experience and expertise to deliver. We storyboard, film and edit all of our movies in-house to ensure that we deliver the best quality with the shortest lead times.

We can offer experienced presenters and voiceover artists as necessary, or create subtitles for videos which will have an international use. Our studio is CGI equipped and can integrate live action with animation where required.

Video Distribution

There’s no point producing a great video if no-one sees it; and the difference between 10 views and 10,000 views lies in the distribution channel. MaintainIT.TV works with its customers and DMA Europa to plan the perfect launch campaigns for all of the videos it produces. This involves a combination of social media, trade press communication, SEO and website management.