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Virtual Exhibitions and Reality for Global Business

Virtual Exhibitions

Service module offered by V-Ex

Imagine an exhibition that was open 365 days a year and easily accessible to the whole world.

The purpose of a virtual exhibition (or a virtual exhibition stand) is to bridge the gap between the traditional world of exhibitions, conferences and trade shows and the new world of digital technology and social media. Using the latest online tools and 3D rendering techniques, we create an immersive experience which keeps the show alive long after the hall doors have closed.

Of course, being virtual you don’t have to settle for a traditional exhibition hall or stand. We can build you a working industrial environment and install your products within examples of their applications. The concept is to provide a virtual platform which makes your products jump out of the monitor while also adding a great deal of SEO value to your website. Each stand can host multiple hot-spots, each populated with 3D models, product brochures, movies, images, social media feeds and much more.

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