DMA Europa

Josh May

Junior Graphic Designer DMA Europa Group

I have always been influenced by designs’. Growing up as son of an Interior Designer and later in my college life studying design, I have always strived to have a career in the industry. My extensive experience has really helped me to work for many high-profile clients at DMA Europa Group. I also enjoy delving into the world of Web Development from time to time, where I design the appearance and functionality of many prominent brand’s websites.

Design influences how we see a brand, it’s persuasive and ingenious on how it enthrals the consumer. I take great pleasure in being part of DMA Europa Group as it allows me to instrument my experience into my designs and feel invigorated to discover new areas like 3D and VR.

When I am not at DMA Europa, I visit cities, shopping for designers with friends and eating out in restaurants, and maybe the odd spa weekend here and there.