DMA Europa Group

Roland Renshaw
Managing Director DMA Europa Group

David Bedford
Director of Marketing DMA Europa Group

As DMA Europa Group MD and owner I am proud to have built a team of talented people that have the combined ability to deliver a full range of marketing services, from technical writing and translation through to HD 3D animations and complete virtual exhibitions and environments.


As Director of Marketing for the Group I’m responsible for strategic planning of multi-media marketing campaigns and supporting the integration of our different departments into a single, results based service for our clients.

DMA Europa Group David Bedford Director of Marketing Profile Image

Dave Rock
Production Manager DMA Europa Group

Philip Howe
Account Director DMA Europa Group

I utilise great experience gained from producing high quality visuals for a number of sectors whenever I approach a project – allowing me to provide the best possible service.

DMA Europa Group Dave Rock Production Manager - Profile Image

My experience has translated to a better understanding of how to effectively implement material for target audiences, which helps me construct effective and integrated marketing campaigns.

DMA Europa Group Philip Howe Account Manager Profile Image

Anne-Marie Howe
Key Account Manager DMA Europa Group

Elizabeth Patrick
Account Manager DMA Europa Group

Marketing is my passion and I enjoy every aspect of it, it allows me to be creative and analytical which I consider my strengths.


I have been working within the DMA Group for a number of years now, originally as an account administrator and now as a PR manager for some of our largest clients.

DMA Europa Group Elizabeth Patrick Accounts Manager Profile Image

Louisa Renshaw
Account Manager DMA Europa Group

Carolin Heel
Account Manager DMA Europa Group

During my 16 years’ experience working for the DMA Europa Group, I have learned that versatility is vital to ensure an accomplished service for our clients.


Working at DMA Europa Group fuels my curiosity by giving me the opportunity to continuously expand my marketing knowledge as well as the technologies of our clients.


Brittany Kennan
Account Manager DMA Europa Group

Selina Price
Account Manager DMA Europa Group

I am driven by the success of our clients and enjoy the diversity of my role within DMA, each day brings something different and I am excited to see what the future holds!


I take a professional and friendly approach with my clients – a good relationship is an important part of providing top quality service.

DMA Europa Group Selina Price Account Administrator Profile Image

Lucy Powell
Account Executive DMA Europa Group

David Pemberton
Financial Controller DMA Europa Group

I work well with the diverse and fast paced environment that marketing offers, which also gives the opportunity for personal growth and development, that I’ll build at DMA Europa.


Fundamentally, numbers represent the bottom line for functioning of our world and success in business, so the responsibility of managing them always gives me a buzz.

DMA Europa Group David Pemberton Financial Controller Profile Image

Rebecca Hatch
Digital Marketing Manager DMA Europa Group

Chris Holman
Senior Technical Writer DMA Europa Group

Whether it social media, search engine optimisation (SEO) Pay-Per-Click (PPC Management) or email campaigns, you’ll find me as the driving force behind the majority of these platforms for our clients.


With a background in both mechanical and electrical engineering I am able to understand the principles behind the latest case study that I am writing.

DMA Europa Group Chris Holman Senior Technical Writer Profile Image

Theo Davies
Technical Writer DMA Europa Group

Chiara Civardi
Technical Writer DMA Europa Group

As a technical writer at DMA Europa, it is my responsibility to display the technical prowess of our clients in an engaging manner.

DMA Europa Group Theo Davies Account Manager Profile Image

During my PhD on the opportunities and risks of nanomaterials, I learned that any research, even the most outstanding, should be supported by high-quality communications.


Alex Byles
Technical Writer DMA Europa Group

Adam Hanslow-Smith
Video Production Manager

Beginning my career as a journalist in 2002, I went on to manage a marketing communications team at a global automation manufacturer. Today as a freelance technical writer for DMA Europa, I write across automation and industrial sectors.


I have been making professional videos at the DMA Group for many years, but also for other clients such as Marie Curie Cancer Care, William Hill and Network West Midlands.

DMA Europa Group Adam Hanslow-Smith Video Projects Manager Profile Image

Bevin Wright
Video Producer

Stephanie Jones
Customer Service Manager V-Ex

As a Video Producer I can put the skills I have learnt from my Digital Film Production degree and freelance work to good use and for the benefit of our clients.


I really enjoy being part of a company that develops cutting edge marketing tools – helping our customers to be a step ahead of their competitors.

DMA Europa Group Stephanie Jones Customer Service Manager for V-Ex Profile Image

Josh May
Junior Graphic Designer DMA Europa Group

Benjamin Keating
3D Designer V-Ex

I have always been influenced by designs’. Growing up as son of an Interior Designer and later in my college life studying design, I have always strived to have a career in the industry.


From virtual reality environments to interactive custom programs, I incorporate multiple technological solutions to bring the best from campaigns.

DMA Europa Group Ben Keating 3D Designer for V-Ex Profile Image

Sean Byrne
3D Designer V-Ex

Josh Summers
3D Designer V-Ex

I’ve always felt a sense of belonging in the creative industry. This gives me the energy to design, produce and explore a multitude of artistic techniques to enhance projects.

Sean B_HD

I’ve always been fascinated with the ability to translate concepts into 3D interactive media, which pushes me to research and study the design and development processes used within the sector. Now at DMA, I’m putting this knowledge into practice, constructing 3D visuals for a range of formats.

Josh S_HD

Richard Haddon
Full Stack Web Developer DMA Europa Group

Sean Hutchins
PHP Developer DMA Europa Group

Ever since a young age, I have been fascinated by computers and the latest technology, and it is this interest that has driven me to delve into the world of programming and software development.


I have explored many areas of software development including creating desktop applications as well as building Android and iOS apps.

Sean H_HD

Jordan Williams
Web Developer DMA Europa Group

Sue Clark
Managing Director MTT

I find interest in how technological advances are applied to our everyday lives – which offers me certain advantages in terms of ideas and approach that I can practice in my work.


I use my language skills on a daily basis, either by translating/proofreading or when project managing and talking to linguists and clients based overseas.


Karen McKay
Senior Project Manager MTT

Rossella Partridge
Business Development Manager MTT

The communication and project management skills I developed while working as an Engineer are invaluable in the day-to-day management of our customers, whilst my technical knowledge complements each translation assignment.

DMA Europa Group Karen McKay Translation Manager at MTT Profile Image

With a passion for foreign languages and a degree in Italian and French, it was not long before MTT started employing my skills as a Business Development Manager.


Winston Jones
Office Doggo DMA Europa Group

In my role as office dog and zen master, I spend my time lying around in various suggestive positions and using my innate good looks to charm other members of the team into feeding me.