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A Passion for Technology…

Technology is quite literally what makes our world tick and while it is easy to quote Asimov, The Terminator, or more recently Stephen Hawking and a group of eminent people who recently warned against developing AI without rules to govern it there is no doubt that technological progress has improved our physical lives tremendously, from the availability of food, shelter, medical care, transport and communication.

Followers of Sci-Fi classics such as Star Trek will have noted that much of the technology featured in the early series at least has been realised already in some form or another, from hands free personal communicators to simultaneous quantum communication and plasma drive engines for use in space. As a technology orientated marketing agency we are asked to promote products and services from esoteric space applications to far more mundane, but just as important physical nuts and bolts that hold our machines together.

Our stand-out feature as a group is that we share a passion for technology, that may be the latest platform game, the newest 3D render software or the latest gearbox or factory automation system. We work to develop the technology of communication and we are fascinated by the technology we come across on a daily basis via our clients. From plastic boxes to rocket science, there’s a wealth of knowledge and understanding here which stretches across all industry sectors and makes us more effective at what we do.

The result of all this technical knowledge and appreciation is that you won’t find it difficult to work with us to promote your product or service, you have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience which means we can bring a significant amount to the party and you can put your marketing plans into action or satisfy your growth aspirations extremely quickly.  If it is B2B / technology marketing services you need, we have it covered.