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Top UK & Global B2B Marketing Agencies

Top B2B Marketing Agencies

The list of top B2B marketing agencies in the UK, European and Global markets is relatively short.  In such a competitive industry, it is becoming even harder to fill the top spot. Here, DMA Europa Group looks at the services a company must offer in order to become one of the most successful global digital marketing agencies.



Requirements for top B2B marketing agencies


    1. Firm understanding of the marketplace
      In order to justify a place as one of the top marketing communication agencies, it is important to understand the route to market and how to engage a technology or engineering based target audience. Therefore, a deep technical understanding of engineering, mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and process industries is essential.


    1. Creativity
      Great creativity is a fundamental aspect of any top b2b marketing agency. Vibrant visuals, innovative marketing ideas and engaging social campaigns are just some features of a top ten advertising and B2B marketing services agency.


    1. Technical content writers
      A large number of technical writers who have experience in every facet of technical marketing is essential. Subject matters can include: Electrical and mechanical engineering, software development, automation, processing, logistics and networking.


    1. Translation Services
      In order to satisfy a global market and achieve top status among global digital marketing agencies, a marketing communications company must have an expert in-house technical translation service for any language and any subject.


    1. A multilingual team
      In order to conquer the global market, management and account administrative teams must be multilingual. The teams should cover, at the very least, English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and Italian.


    1. Cross-channel services
      Top marketing communication agencies must have the facility to take CAD files and product designs in 3D format from any platform, in order to create photorealistic images, renders and infographics. This is essential in order to provide a cross-channel service.


    1. Multi-media production
      Operate a film studio with green screen and sound stage in order to cater for interviews, presentations and a host of multi-media production services. This is important to deliver truly engaging visual content for internet and social media based multi-platform marketing campaigns.


    1. Experience
      Many years’ experience in developing and delivering PR and marketing campaigns within the B2B sector is important if you wish to be among the top b2b marketing agencies. This knowledge means a good technical PR and marketing agency will know what works, having tried most cross platform marketing campaigns already.


    1. Administration skills
      In order to effectively manage and implement any B2B marketing campaign or strategy, a marketing firm must possess strong marketing administration skills.


    1. High client & staff retention rate
      A very low turnover of clients and staff is important for a top marketing communication agency, in order to create long-term relationships. This creates an environment where a policy of creating professional relationships that work as partnerships allows you to push forward with marketing strategy and business plans that synchronise effectively.


In our opinion, the DMA Europa Group takes the number one spot as the only dedicated technical marketing company capable of offering all this knowledge in addition to providing all these offline and online marketing services.

Published August 8, 2017