DMA Europa

Winston Jones

Office Doggo DMA Europa

In my role as office dog and zen master, I spend my time lying around in various suggestive positions and using my innate good looks to charm other members of the team into feeding me. Throughout my career I have been known as a ‘good boy’, and I try to convey this positive attitude to my work at DMA. Sometimes I’ll lie on the floor, or on something comfortable – whatever amounts to the least amount of effort really.

I bring a unique set of skills to the team. My sense of smell is much superior to the humans, which allows me to positively identify food over long distances, and apply emotional pressure to the lunch holder with an adorable expression. Equally so in times of stress I am always there to lend a furry body and a happy face to calm the most difficult situations. Being a black Labrador, I am usually successful. I also have a tail, which I use to thwack anything in the immediate vicinity to express my enthusiasm for foo… no, sorry, marketing. I answer to ‘Winston’ or ‘Biscuit’, and I am always grateful of good company and the food that it inevitably provides. Outside of work, I like swimming, playing ball and long walks.

Winston taking a well deserved rest from the weather!

Working Hard!